Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Change SIP URI of a response group

A customer wanted me to change the SIP uri of a response group workflow. This is not an option using the Response Group Configuration Tool, so what you must do is delete the existing workflow and create a new with the same parameters, the workflow Name is a unique identifier.

This is not what I wanted, so I turned to Powershell.

$wf = Get-CsRgsWorkflow | where-object {$_.Name -eq "RGS test"}
$wf.primaryuri = 'sip:testrgs@sip.dom'
Set-CsRgsWorkflow $wf

But this was, kind of expected, not possible. You cannot change the primary uri of a Response Group Workflow...

Off course I can, I just need to figure out how.

In the backend database of the frontend pool hosting the RGS application, there is a database RGSDYN, I have blogged about that previously here:, this database contains all dynamic data on e.g. agents logged in state. There is also a RGSCONFIG database, this database contains all RGS configuration.

Going to SQL Server Management Studio and opening a query window and entered this query:
use rgsconfig
Select Name,PrimaryUri from Workflows where PrimaryUri like 'sip:rgstest%'
Shows the Name and SIP uri of the RGS test workflow.

Changing the SIP uri of the workflow using SSMS, from sip:rgstest@sip.dom to sip:testrgs@sip.dom.
use rgsconfig
update Workflows
set PrimaryUri = 'sip:testrgs@sip.dom'
where PrimaryUri = 'sip:rgstest@sip.dom'

Now we have changed the SIP uri of the workflow, but this is not enough, we must also change SIP uri and proxy address of the application contact object i Active Directory.

To find the application contact, we go to Powershell again and searches for the endpoints.
Get-CsApplicationEndpoint | Where-Object {$_.sipaddress -like "sip:testrgs*"}
This cmdlet returns the application endpoint identity, which we need to locate the AD object itself.

Go to ADSIedit.msc and open the configuration store -> Services -> RTC service -> Application Contacts and edit the object attributes msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress to sip:testrgs@sip.dom and proxyAddresses to sip:testrgs@sip.dom

Tested workflow and everything works nicely. Job done.

Disclaimer: Editing the database entries and AD objects for Application Contacts, might lead to an undesirable state, unrecoverable failures, unsupported solution or smelly feet. Please only do this at your own risk and if you know what you are doing and are able to recover from these risks.

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  1. Thanks a bunch, was exactly what I needed.
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