Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Response group agent state or how to check RGS agent state

A client recently had an issue with a response group (RGS) queue, where the call came nicely into the queue, but the call was not presented to the agents.

A small query into the Skype4B backend database gave us the answer: The agent were not logged into the RGS.

select T1.Name, T3.DisplayName, T4.[State] 
from [rgsconfig].dbo.AgentGroups as T1
join rgsconfig.dbo.AgentGroupsToAgentsMap as T2
on T1.ID = T2.AgentGroupId 
join rgsconfig.dbo.Agents as T3
on T2.AgentId = T3.ID
left join rgsdyn.dbo.AgentGroupSignInStates as T4
on (T2.AgentGroupId = T4.GroupId and T2.AgentId = T4.AgentId)
where T4.[State] in (0,1) and T1.Name like 'servicedesk 1%'
group by T1.Name,T1.ID,T3.DisplayName,T3.ID,T4.[State]

Gave us a nice little list of the users:
State 0 = not logged in
State 1 = logged in
If the user is not in the list, the user has never signed into the response group.

We can see that there are no users active in Servicedesk 1. line group, so this explains why no calls are presented to the agents


  1. is it possible to modify the agent state by setting the state manually via t-sql?

    1. It should be possible. However, try not in a production environment and only in test. Don't forget that tampering with the databases, will leave you without support from the supplier.