Thursday, 10 September 2015

Skype4B web plugin cannot establish media to meeting

Over some time I have been troubleshooting a problem where a customer cannot connect to Skype4B Online meetings using the Skype Web plugin. Connecting media failed.

Research showed that connecting to a Lync 2013 online meeting using the Lync Web App plugin worked fine, but the connecting to the same meeting using the Skype4B Web App plugin didn't work.

The customer has a Websense proxy server farm set up using SSL inspection, so we tried to remove SSL inspection as this is unsupported (according to Microsoft PSS - not documented).

Tracing the proxy server, we saw the Skype4B not authenticating towards the Websense proxy. Websense requesting Kerberos, NTLM and Basic authentication. Removing authentication for the meeting.domain did not change anything.

Still no resolution, but it does look like a bug in the Skype4B Web App plugin.

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