Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Skype4B / IIS 8 not presenting new certificate in browser.

After replacing a couple of old, soon to expire, default certificates on the frontend pool, I discovered that the old certificate was still being presented to the client.

Checking the IIS manager binding for the website, I saw the correctly assigned new certificate.

Running this command:
netsh http show sslcert
Showed that some of the ippools still having the thumbprint of the old certificate, so going back into bindings for the website. I changed the IP address assignment from Any unused to the IP address of the server, resetting the IIS (iisreset.exe) and changing the IP address assignment back to Any unused.

Ran the command again and this time the correct thumbprint was shown for all the ippools.

Test showed the correct certificate now being presented to clients.

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